Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

advantages of robot welding for the laser welding machine

Aug 03, 2021

Since the appearance of laser welding machines, robot welding has also appeared in everyone's field of vision.People are looking for a machine that can help companies increase productivity and save costs to the greatest extent.

The welding gun of the hand laser welding machine can be mounted on the robot to realize automatic welding. on the other hand, a 24V signal from the laser welderto the industrial robot can combine the two to form a welding system. The welding speed of this system will be 3-5 times that of the welding machine.

experienced welders can accurately meet the requirements of the welding process, and the welds are very beautiful. However, welding can actually be done better with robots. Because even the best welder can hardly match the continuity, speed and efficiency of the machine. The more prominent advantages of robotic welding are as follows:

1. high productivity

robot operation is faster than manual operation, so the production cycle of the product will be shortened. in addition, the robot does not need to rest while working, and the time saved is used to increase output. If the accumulation is small, the output of the entire production line can be increased a lot.

2. reasonable use of technical personnel

The problem of the shortage of skilled workers will not be solved in a short time. The industry began to worry more than 10 years ago that the vacancies of skilled workers will only increase. We can try our best to use robotic welding to make better use of the technicians in the team.

3. high quality

even welding technicians with the best skills and the most stable workmanship cannot defeat robots. as long as the hardware equipment is set reasonably, the robot can accurately repeat its own actions and weld high-quality products every time.

4. high security

This work of welding may cause safety issues. it needs to complete tasks under high temperature, sparks, high pressure, and high noise environment, which may bring danger to workers. The use of machines instead of manpower is a modern generation model based on people.

5. high efficiency

in order to ensure the quality of welding, artificial solder joints are usually larger than the solder joint area required by the processing technology. unnecessary welding area, even if it is only a little more than the process needs, will accumulate into a huge cost in the long-term production.The studies have shown that assuming that each solder joint is 1 mm wider than required, it may bring an additional cost of US$10,000/year to the enterprise.

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